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hide this ad. Hughie Jennings holds the Major League record for most hit by pitches, getting hit 287 times in his career. 1.9 National League Rolaids Relief Man Award. Research expert covering sports and video gaming. PLAY QUIZ % % Score.

Stan Musial: 3630: 5. 4. Cincinnati Reds: Top 10 all-time leaders in WAR in team history. Hank Aaron: 3771: 4. 2,042. HITS: 1. By Drew Koch. 1,805. MLB's Top 100 Hit Leaders of All Time Can you name the MLB's Top 100 Hit Leaders of All Time. However, he did the majority of his work to land on San Diegos all-time home run list during his first three years with the organization. Albert Pujols /676/12830, 6.Craig Biggio+/668/12504, 7.George Brett+/665/11625, 8.Nap Lajoie+/657/10471, 9.Carl Yastrzemski+/646/13992, 10. Caught Stealing When a runner attempts to steal but is tagged out before safely attaining the next base. This statistic shows the MLB all-time hits leaders as of January 2022. , Oct 22, 2021. 1,680. This statistic shows the Look for your favorite MLB slugger in this impressive list of baseball's top 500 career batting leaders.

Tris Speaker: 3514: Complete Leaders CS. Listed are all Major League Baseball players with 222 or more home runs hit during official regular-season games (i.e., excluding playoffs or exhibition games). Toggle navigation TheBaseballNexus. Get in touch with us now. , Oct 22, 2021. Christina Gough. CS. Alex Rodriguez (696), Albert Pujols (683), Willie Mays (660), Ken Griffey Jr. (630), Jim Thome (612), and Sammy Sosa (609) are the only other players to have hit 600 or more. Top 10 All Time Hit Leaders for each MLB Franchise Can you name the All Time Hits Leaders for each MLB Franchise. Christina Gough. Pete Rose: 4256: 2. Published by.

YOU. #totals accurate as of 6/29/2022----- *Denotes active player----- Primary team listed is the team the player had the most career hits while playing for. Read more Plays-/5-RATE QUIZ. Single-season leaders (through 2014) Batting. Bobby Doerr. Lets take a look at the 10 greatest home run hitters in franchise history. After hitting a career-high 24 home runs in 1999, he improved that to 31 in 2000 and then 41 in 2001. Below is the list of the top 100 Major League Baseball players who have been hit by a pitch the most during their MLB careers. MORE INFO Classic.

Get in touch with us now. The following is a list of players, both past and current, who appeared at least in one game for the Cincinnati Reds National League franchise (18901953, 1958present), also known previously as the Cincinnati Red Stockings (18821889) and Cincinnati Redlegs (19531958).Players in Bold are members of the National Extra base hits are often not listed separately in tables of baseball statistics, but are easily determined by calculating the sum total of a batter's doubles, triples, and home runs . 10.

Harry Hooper. Cesar Hernandez WSN (297) Plate Appearances Jake Cronenworth SDP (321) Runs Scored Aaron Judge NYY (58) Hits Rafael Devers BOS (92) Total Bases Aaron Judge NYY (171) Doubles Matt Olson ATL (29) Triples Tied among 2 players (5) Home Runs Aaron Judge NYY (27) Runs Batted In Pete Alonso NYM (66) Bases on Balls Juan Soto WSN (57) Strikeouts Pete Rose has the most hits in Major League Baseball history with 4,256 hits. Dustin Pedroia. A look at the top-10 in hits in Cincinnati Reds history entering the 2021 season. Career H Leaders:1.Pete Rose/4256/15890, 2.Ty Cobb+/4189/13103, 3.Henry Aaron+/3771/13941, 4.Stan Musial+/3630/12721, 5.Tris Speaker+/3514/12020, 6.Derek Jeter+/3465/12602, 7.Cap Anson+/3435/11331, 8.Honus Wagner+/3420/11766, 9.Carl Yastrzemski+/3419/13992, 10. Christina Gough. 20:00. Give Up. Alb Albert Pujols /2167/12822, 4.Alex Rodriguez/2086/12207, 5.Cap Anson+/2075/11331, 6.Barry Bonds/1996/12606, 7.Lou Gehrig+/1995/9665, 8.Stan Musial+/1951/12721, 9.Ty Cobb+/1944/13103, 10. , Oct 22, 2021. 1.10 MLB "This Year in Baseball Awards". List of the top 200 all-time career Major League Baseball players in hits from TheBaseballnexus.com. Dom DiMaggio. His 1970 performance in particular packed an amazing wallop, setting personal bests with a .293 average, 45 home runs and 148 RBIs. Research expert covering sports and video gaming. Stolen Bases When the runner advances one base unaided by a hit, a putout, an error, a force-out, a fielder's choice, a passed ball, a wild pitch, or a balk. By Zongo. 1.3 National League Rookie of the Year. This list is complete and up-to-date as of December 31, 2014. A-Rod: March to 600 homers; Sheffield: 500 homers; Get in touch with us now. 1.5 Rawlings Gold Glove Award (NL) 1.6 Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award. Hank Aaron [2] [3] [4] is the all-time leader with 1,477 career extra base hits. Dan Uggla s MLB career had a quick demise, but when he was with the Marlins, he was one of baseballs premier power hitters as a second baseman. 1,707. YOU. Dan Uggla: 154 Home Runs. Cincinnati Reds: Top 10 all-time leaders in runs batted in. Johnny Vander Meer (1937-43, 1946-49) A wild, left-handed fireballer who led the NL three times in strikeouts, twice in walks, and lost as many games as he won for the Reds, Vander Meer is nevertheless immortalized for throwing two straight no-hitters in 1938, an accomplishment unmatched before or since. This statistic shows the Cincinnati Reds all-time runs scored leaders as of October 2021. This is a list of team records for the Cincinnati Reds baseball team.

1.7 Silver Slugger Award (NL) 1.8 National League Hank Aaron Award. 0/300. Leaders & Stats. 1.4 National League Manager of the Year Award.

Career RBI Leaders:1.Henry Aaron+/2297/13941, 2.Babe Ruth+/2214/10626, 3. Eric Davis. #totals accurate as of 6/3/2022----- *means the player is still active. MORE INFO Classic. The official source for Cincinnati Reds all-time player hitting stats, MLB home run Timer. The Reds do not recognize records set before 1900. Bench won major honors in three of his first five full years with the Reds: The NL Rookie of the Year award in 1968 and NL MVP honors in 1970 and 1972. Career 2B Leaders:1.Tris Speaker+/792/12020, 2.Pete Rose/746/15890, 3.Stan Musial+/725/12721, 4.Ty Cobb+/724/13103, 5. Active Leaders; All-Time Leaders; Annual Leaders; Single Season Leaders; Longest Standing Records; Milestones. Phil Nevin is also among the Padres single-season home run leaders. hide this ad. Home; American League Top 200 All-Time Career Major League Baseball Leaders in Hits. Uggla finished third in NL Rookie of the Year voting in 2006 after posting a .818 OPS with 27 home runs and 90 RBI. Plays-/5-RATE QUIZ. Ty Cobb: 4189: 3. By Zongo.